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Enabling the AI Revolution

As the application of AI becomes more pervasive across industries, it often encounters situations that present constraints in compute, storage, networking, power efficiency, and cost. By leveraging its cutting- edge technology, Qualcomm is extending beyond mobile to enable power efficient on-device AI and cloud AI processing.  We believe 5G will serve as the unifying connectivity fabric for the wireless edge, making it the key to unlocking on-device AI’s full potential.  Together, 5G and AI are the foundation of the next wave of innovation that will provide significant value to many industries and billions of people.  

Qualcomm Ventures is uniquely positioned to support startups that share the same vision of making AI ubiquitous from edge to the cloud.  By working closely with Qualcomm’s business units and AI Research team, we’re able to provide companies with domain expertise in AI and 5G technology as well as access to Qualcomm technology, helping them scale their business.

AI Fund Focus Areas

Visual AI

Vision AI

Applications in safety and security, industrial inspections, smart city management, healthcare, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

Voice Assistant

Language AI

Applications in virtual assistants, workforce enablement, business process automation.

Data AI

Data AI

Applications in cyber security, predictive maintenance, risk management, business insights and predictions.

AI Portfolio

Making on-device AI Ubiquitous

Through our AI Fund, we are particularly interested in companies that share Qualcomm’s vision of making on-device AI ubiquitous and facilitating intelligence distributed across the cloud, edge cloud and on-device with 5G as the connectivity fabric.