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Shenzhen Tensortec startup team is composed of more than 8 years of working experience in Huawei. It has a deep understanding of the field of vehicle and artificial intelligence. Moreover, professor Li Zexiang, a world-renowned artificial intelligence expert, and his team support Tensortec .

Shenzhen Tensortec’s research and development team used in the world of advanced artificial intelligence technology, has developed a complete independent intellectual property rights in the DMS (Driver Monitor System) as the core of intelligent auxiliary driving System, the solution for the overall performance and quality of products reach the international advanced level, for users at home and abroad to provide vehicle intelligent auxiliary driving System solutions.

Widely used in land, sea and air traffic/engineering equipment manned by drivers:

Land transport: rail vehicles (high-speed railway, locomotive, subway, light rail), passenger vehicles, new energy vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicles, passenger/class vehicles, industrial and mining vehicles, freight vehicles, school buses, taxi, network car reservation, etc.

Shipping: passenger ships, fishing boats, freighters, cruise ships, port tower cranes and other operating equipment.