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Tonbo Imaging is the creator of a unique imaging technology that uses multiple complementary sensors to allow users to see and interpret the environment around them. Tonbo uses this technology to make multi-sensor imaging products/systems for military, security, transportation safety and industrial inspection applications. Tonbo’s imaging systems offer real-time imaging simultaneously in day and night conditions, across both visible and infrared spectrums. With sophisticated onboard vision processing, Tonbo's imagers enable a complete understanding of the environment in all weather and low visibility conditions like fog, high winds, dust, rain, smoke, camouflage,etc. Tonbo’s technology is a combination of fundamental innovations in the image acquisition process along with powerful computer vision algorithms to support superior imaging and scene interpretation for a large range of applications. Tonbo leverages the computing power and scale of consumer electronics hardware to build systems that out perform existing technology in size, weight, power and cost.